Wheeler family

Henry Wheeler (1750-1840)
Penelope Glover (1746-1815)

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The oldest Wheeler family member we can be sure about is Henry Wheeler. Family records suggest that Henry was born in 1750, however records for that period are currently unavailable so we can’t be certain who his parents were..

According to family records, Penelope Glover was born on 10 Jun 1746 at a place called Little Belton; at the time her parents Richard and Jane Glover lived in Little Fraedon, County of Salop. Salop is an old name for Shropshire, centred around Shrewsbury. Henry and Penelope married there on 08 Jun 1775.

Penelope died on 07 Feb 1815 aged 70 (after a serious illness that lasted just 30 days) and was buried on 11 Feb 1815 at St Marys, Edge Hill, Liverpool.

Henry must have died sometime after that, as the family has a reference to a partly perished book that contains these words, probably by Henry:

Burie me close to the side of your dear Mother and if there is any rack left let it be taken after my death [this book his …]

Most probably he was the Henry Wheeler buried on 03 Dec 1840, aged 89 (making his birth year c.1751) at Walton-on-the-Hill, St Mary, Edge Hill, Lancashire: Bishop’s Transcript Drl/2/451:

Henry & Penelope’s family:

Henry and Penelope had 8 children, the first five of whom were born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and baptised at at Saint Chad, Shrewsbury. The last three were born in Everton/Liverpool. At this stage the records of the last three are not available online.

01. Richard Colefax (b. 30 Apr 1776, d. 30 Dec 1779) baptised 11 Jun 1776

02. Mary Anne (b. 18 Nov 1779, d. 27 Nov 1780) baptised 20 Nov 1777

03. Penelope (b. 17 Sep 1779, d. 11 Nov 1833) baptised 18 Sep 1779

04. Sarah (b. 23 Apr 1781, d. 16 Dec 1853) baptised 29 Apr 1781

05. John (b. 30 Apr 1782, d. ?) baptised 08 May 1782

06. Robert (b. 6 Sep 1784, d. 14 Feb 1820)

07. Henry (b. 16 Apr 1787, d. 01 Dec 1830) living in Duke St, Liverpool

08. Thomas (b. 22 Jun 1791, d. Sep 184?) date not clear, living at Castle St, Liverpool

The 1796 Gore’s Directory of Liverpool has a Henry Wheeler a Perfumer and Tea Dealer residing at 3 Castle St, Liverpool. By 1820 he is described as an oilman with a warehouse at 7 Castle St (see below).

Generation 2

03. Penelope Wheeler possibly married Henry Richards on 23 Jun1807 in Liverpool, but we can’t be certain this is our Penelope:

07. Henry Wheeler, like his father, became an oil man; his entry, with his father’s, the 1821 Gore´s Directory of Liverpool reads:

There was an addendum to probate in 1832 which suggested he had married.

08. Thomas Wheeler (whose father was Henry Wheeler, an “Oil man”) became an articled clerk with a solicitor Thomas Avison in 1809 in Liverpool. Here are the Articles  of Agreement:

For the Kings Bench

Lazarus Jones Venables of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster Esquire maketh oath and saith that by Articles of Agreement bearing date the fourth day of May instant and made between Thomas Avison of Liverpool aforesaid Gentleman one of the Attornies of His Majesty’s Court of King’s Bench and Common Pleas at Westminster and a Solicitor in the High Court of Chancery of the one part and Henry Wheeler of Liverpool aforesaid Oilman and Thomas Wheeler son of said Henry Wheeler of the other part the said Thomas Wheeler did for the considerations therein mentioned put place and bind himself to Clerk until the said Thomas Avison to serve him from the day of the date of the said Articles for and during and unto the full end and term of five years from thence next ensuing and fully to be compleat and ended and which said Articles were in due form of Law executed by the said Thomas Avison Henry Wheeler and Thomas Wheeler on the said fourth day of May being the day and year on which the same bears date in the presence of him this Deponent and John Houlding of Liverpool aforesaid Cotton Dealer And this Deponent further saith that the names “Tho Avison H Wheeler” and “Tho Wheeler” set and subscribed opposite to the several Seals affixed to the said Articles of Clerkship are of the several and respective hands writing of the said Thomas Avison Henry Wheeler and Thomas Wheeler and that the names “L J Venables” and “John Houlding” set and subscribed as witnesses to the due execution thereof are the respective proper hands writing of him this Deponent and the said John Houlding.

Sworn at Liverpool aforesaid the twenty fourth day of May one thousand eight hundred and nine.

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