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Jacobus Adrianus du Moulin (1777-1839)
Jane Davidson (1792-1871)

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Jacobus Adrianus du Moulin was born on 28 Sep 1777 in Middleburg, Zeeland, Netherlands, and died on 14 Jan 1839 in Sydney, New South Wales (record 143/1839 V1839143 102). His name was anglicised to James Adrianus du Moulin on arriving in England, and later simply to James Andrew. His death certificate gives his age as 62, but he was 9 months shy of that when he died. The image is of a portrait of Jacobus Adrianus du Moulin that an ancestory.com member, Amy Knight, shared in 2011.

James married Jane Davidson on 14 Jan 1812 in St Annes Church, Limehouse, Tower Hamlets, London. She was born on 31 Jul 1792 in London, England, and  died on 19 May 1871 in Garnet Cottage, Sale, Victoria, Australia. Jane applied for a British widow’s pension after James’ death in 1839.

In 1804 James became an assistant surgeon with the 60th of Royal American Regiment (Kings Royal Rifle Corps) in 1804. Around 1810 he became a surgeon. On 09 Sep1813 he is with the medical department of the British Marine Corps. In 1815 he is present at the Battle of Waterloo. Later he became a surgeon and midwife and lived in Kapelle, Zeeland between 1818 and 1825.

His parents were Johannes du Moulin  and Johanna Oole, as set out in a letter dated 9th October 1918 (we do not have the accompanying documents at this stage) written by Lt. Col. du Moulin of Fishbourne, Chichester, Sussex, a New Zealand great grandson of Jacobus who was killed in action just a month later.

The du Moulin family is a prominent family in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It would appear that James is from the latter family. For a brief outline of the French line, click here (it opens in a new Window). The wider family is discussed by Jennifer Stubbs, a descendant of James via a son who moved to New Zealand.

There is also an entry for James Andrew du Moulin in Australian Royalty. Briefly, the family arrived in Sydney in 1834; from The Sydney Herald, Thu 18 Sep 1834: with members of the 50th Regiment:

From London, same time, having sailed on the 27th of May, the ship Rosslyn Castle, Captain Richards, with 227 male prisoners, under the superintendence of Robert Espie Esq. Surgeon, R. N. Passengers, Lieutenant J. B. Dalway, 2nd Regt. James Andrew Dumoulin Esq. Surgeon, 50th Regt. Mrs. Domoulin, and eleven children; 29 rank and file of the 50th Regt, two of the 2nd Regt, seven women and 14 children.

James acted  as military surgeon on arrival but died some five years later; from The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Tue 15 Jan 1839:

Yesterday morning, at the Surgeon’s Quarters near the Military Hospital, James Andrew du Moulin, late Surgeon of the 50th (or Queens Own) Regiment, in the 62nd year of his age.

Jane passed away on 19 May 1871 in Sale, Victoria.

Andrew & Jane’s family:

01. Jacobus Guillame (b. 07 Nov 1812 in Cuidad, Rodrigo, Spain, d. 05 Jun 1854 In Wollombi, NSW)

02. Grace Johanna Ann (b. Abt. 1813 in Niet vermeld, d. 16 Sep 1820 in ‘s-Gravenpolder)

03. Charlotte Johanne (b. 1814 in Tower Hamlets, Middlesex, England, 15 Jun 1877 in Aylsham, Norfolk, England)

04. Johannis Pieter (b. 20 Jun 1816 in Bruinisse, Zeeland, Netherlands, d. 01 Jan 1901 in Auckland, N.Z.)

05. Hendrik (b. 28 Jun 1818 in Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands, d. 02 Oct 1820 in Kapelle)

06. Georges (b. 30 Jan 1820 in Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands, d. 22 Jan 1875 in Mackay, Qld.)

07. Hendrik (b. 23 Oct 1821 in Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands, d. 21 Dec 1900 in Mount Vivian, Flinders, S.A.)

08. Willem (b. 23 Oct 1821 in Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands, d. 17 Apr 1894 in Rangiora, N.Z.)

09. Grace Adriana (b. 01 Mar 1823 in Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands, d. 11 Jul 1890 in Randwick, NSW)

10. Pieter Nicholas (b. 30 Sep 1825 in Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands, d. 09 Oct 1886 in Balmain, NSW)

11. Cornelius Anthony (b. 13 Feb 1828 in Middleburg, Zeeland, Netherlands, 15 Feb 1896 in Roebourne, W.A.)

12. Elizabeth (b. & d. 1830 in Ijzendyke, Zeeuwsch, Flanders, Holland)

13. Sarah Jacobea Adriana (b. 23 Jan 1830 in Ijzendyke, Zeeuwsch, Flanders, Holland, d. 30 Dec 1889 in Richmond, Vic.)

14. Jacoba Henrietta Maria Johanna (b. 31 Mar 1831 in Ijzendyke, Zeeuwsch, Flanders, Holland, d. 23 Jun 1911 in Armidale, NSW)

15. James Andrew (b. 11 Oct 1832 in Goes, Middleburg, Zeeland, Netherlands, d. 27 Oct 1891 in Brookdale, Vic.)

16. Elizabeth Wilhelmina (b. 11 May 1836 in Windsor, NSW, d. 15 Aug 1916 in Malvern, Vic.)

This is an image of a du Moulin family’s candle holder passed down by Grace Adriana du Moulin  to her Wheeler descendants:

Generation 2

01. Jacobus Guillame du Moulin (James William) became a doctor and surgeon like his father. He married Frances Mary Ogilvie on 09 Aug 1849 in Wollombi, NSW, where he had moved to practise (The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Sat 11 Aug 1849). The couple had two children:

01. Frances Isabella Jane (b. 08 Jan 1850)

02. Grace Caroline Mary (b. 24 Feb 1853)

Grace married Walter Samson on 08 May 1873 in South Australia. They had at least one child, Charles Ogilvie Du Moulin Samson (b. 22 Feb 1874)

James passed away, aged just 41, in Wollombi on 05 Jun 1854; from The Sydney Morning Herald, Tue 13 Jun 1854 :

At the Wollombi, on the 5th instant, James William du Moulin, Esq., Surgeon, in the 42nd year of his age, the eldest son of the late James Andrew du Moulin, Esq., Surgeon to H.M.’s 50th Regiment.

The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder had a nostalgic article that mentioned James on Tue 30 Jul 1935:

Wollombi Cemetery Monument

Way back over 80 years ago, when Wollombi was one of the best known towns in N.S.W . , one man must have been highly thought of in that district. A monument in the Wollombi cemetery bears silent testimony of the man’s work, and of the regard that the people of his days had for him. Read the inscription on the stone in the Roman Catholic portion of the cemetery:—

“In memory of J. W. DuMoulin, surgeon. Erected by the people of Wollombi, who are anxious to perpetuate the memory of a man whose sterling qualities have ever linked his name with their kindest and most enduring recollections. Died June 5, 1854; age 43 years.”

Dr. DuMoulin must have been a fine man to have earned such grand sentiment. Those who were concerned with the desire to treasure his memory have since joined the great majority. The stone, with its inscription still remains – a “footprint in the sands of time” – as a memory of a man’s deeds. Residents of Wollombi must still feel like standing bareheaded at the graveside of a man who merited such testimony of love and appreciation.

02. Charlotte Johanna Du Moulin married Henry Gunton on 28 Mar 1837 in St Matthews Church Windsor, NSW. Henry was born on 19 Jun 1809 in Matlaske, Norfolk, England, and died on 15 Jul 1844 in Dural, NSW. He was a Captain in the 50th Regisment of Foot, and left a personal estate of 346 1s. (England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1995). The Sydney Morning Herald on Mon 01 Jul 1867 reported the departure of “Mrs. C. Gunton, Mrs. Morgan and 3 children” for London. She appears in the 1871 census living with her brother- and sister-in-law in Aylsham, Norfolk, and passed away there on 15 Jun 1877. The three children were:

01. Louisa Jane (b. 18 Aug 1838 on Norfolk Island)

02. Harry Thomlinson James (b. 24 Aug 1840 in Sydney)

03. Dennis Du Monlin (b. 28 Nov 1843 in Sydney, d. Jul 1877 in Bideford, Devonshire, England)

04. Johannis Pieter du Moulin married Mary Theresa Tighe (1836 in Ireland – 21 May 1910 in Auckland) in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand in about 1855, aged 37. John Peter du Moulin is listed among ensigns of the Auckland Battalion in the South Australian on Fri 20 Jun 1845. The couple had two children:

01. Mary (b. 1858)

02. Louis Eugene Du Moulin (b. 12 Oct 1859 in Mt.Eden, Auckland, New Zealand, d. 27 Jan 1902 in Abrahams Kraal, Nr. Koffyfontein, South Africa).

10. Pieter Nicholas du Moulin was involved in an amusing incident, as reported in Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer on Sat 18 Nov 1848:


A fine bred specimen of the genus ca – we beg his pardon – homo, rejoicing in the euphonious and mounseerish nomenclature of Peter Nicholas du Moulin, and who may be seen six days out of the seven giving change for a pound at the counter of the Commercial Banking Company in George street, bobbed his cobra, (or wagged his tail, whichever you please,) at their Worships, in order to explain to the satisfaction of Mr. Woolley, the mode and manner in which he (Peter) had possessed himself of an Italian greyhound bitch, which the ironmonger claimed as his exclusive property. The collars of the combatants having been slipped, the dogs of war were let loose at each other, Peter, backed by Lawyer Johnson, and Mr. Woolley, whom we shall for brevity’s sake designate Gridiron, patted to the scratch by Gilbert the Righteous.

Gridiron, licking his jaws, and mounting on to the roof of the kennel, barked forth in the following strain, viz., that a dog of the value of £5 had been found in the lodging-house of a Mrs. Smith, where the defendant, Peter, grubbed and domesticated. Witness had a regard for his Italian friend, in consequence of the extreme rarity of the breed, and he had confided her to the care of his servant of all-work. Lush by name, (by thoe way, no bad one,) in the last week of August. The next morning, Diana, the bitch, was missing, and Lush made his loss known to Roach, the bird and animal stuffer; two days after this, Du Moulin called on Roach to enquire whether he had lost a dog, which he described, and the description of which answered that of Gridiron’s lost mongrel. On being informed of the ironmonger’s claims to the Italian, Peter promised to restore her to Mr rightful master; but alas, the temptation of possessing so elegant an appendage to his heels, was irresistable to the banker’s clerk, and so Peter deferred making restitution sine die.

The greyhound was subsequently discovered on the premises honoured as the residence of Peter, the dog-fancier; but on Gridiron applying to that individual for the restoration of the animal, he declined surrendering possession unless he received compensation, either in the shape of her litter of pups, or three commercials.

This being the simple history of the case, his Worship, after indulging the “limbs” in a growl a piece, dismissed the information. The lady dog and her interesting family, were restored to the arms of her affectionate Gridiron, while Peter slunk away, looking ‘ticularly cur-ious.

Peter married Margaret Jane Druitt (b. 1828 in Sydney, d. 12 Jul 1870 in Surry Hills) on 12 Jul 1849 in All Saints Church of England, Parramatta. The couple had 5 children:

01. James Charles Druitt (b. 13 Nov 1850 in Campbell Street, Sydney, d. 7 Oct 1851 in Sydney)

02. Jane Thalia Augusta (b. 01 Nov 1853 at Montefiores in the Wellington district of NSW, d. 22 Mar 1880 in Uralla, NSW)

married William Henry Conolly (b. 27 Jan 1853 in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland, d. 1891 in Goulburn); theyn had 3 children: Arthur du Moulin (1876-1959), William Walter (1878-1953), Augustus St Patrick (1880-1880)

03. Edward Joseph Brooks (b. 1856 in Surry Hills , Sydney, d. 29 May 1900 in Dubbo, NSW)

married Alice Maud Octavia Buchanan (1864-01 Feb 1953); they had at least one child, William Edward (b. 10 Sep 1892 in Dubbo, NSW, d. 15 Apr 1949 in Beecroft)

04. Emily Grace (b. 1858 in Sydney, d. 06 MAY 1938 in Waverley)

married William Henry Connolly (1853-1891) on 12 Aug 1882 in St Philips Church, Sydney; they had 5 chilkdren: Grace Berryl (1882-1977), Russell duMoulin (1885-1960), Linda duMoulin (1887-1986), Emily Sylvia (1891-1990)

05 George (1861-1861)

11. Cornelius Anthony du Moulin married Jemima Pingram (b. 05 Feb 1837 in Depford England, d. 26 Sep 1863 in Newtown); they had 3 children:

01. James Cornelius (b. 1859 in Ararat, Victoria, d. 18 Dec 1900 in Rangoon, Burma, of cholera)

02. Regien Jane (b. 26 Feb 1860 in Ararat, Victoria,  d. 26 Sep 1914 in Port Augusta, South Australia)

03. Grace (b. Sep 1862 in Parramatta, d. 15 Oct 1863 in Parramatta)

13. Sarah Jacobea Adriana du Moulin married William Foster in 1853. They had one child, Jane Montgomery (b. 23 Feb 1863 in Sale, Victoria, d. 1935 • Tianjin, Tianjin Shiqu, Tianjin, China). William died on 08 May 1862. Sarah then married Matthew McAlister in 1865. Two children were born: Catherine, in 1868, and Grace Davidson (1871-1940).

14. Jacoba Henrietta Maria Johanna du Moulin married Charles Thomas Weaver (b. 04 Dec 1816 in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, d. 02 Jun 1874 in Armidale, New South Wales). There were 8 children.

01. Maria Jane Jacoba Weaver (b. 20 Oct 1855, d. 27 Dec 1857 in Gundagai)

02. Alice M du Moulin (b. 1857, d. 1871 in Armidale)

03. Benoni James Gunton (b. 1860 in Armidale, d. 18 Sep 1945 in Mosman)

04. Anthony William Elderton (b. 16 Aug 1862 in Armidale, d. 13 Feb 1929 in Manly)

05. Ethel Henrietta du Moulin (b. 07 Oct 1864 in Armidale, d. 13 Oct 1957 in Sydney)

06. Harry Mutlow du Moulin (b. 1867, d. 17 Mar 1936 in Armidale)

07. Charles Thomas Herbertherbie (b. 1870 in Armidale, d. 02 Jun 1955 in Armidale)

08. Eva Undine Du Moulin (b. 1874 in Armidale, d. 1969 in Sydney)

15. James Andrew du Moulin married Mary Ann Bowen (b. 1842 in Tasmania, d. 18 Oct 1888 in Brookdale, Victoria) on 06 Sep 1862 in Launceston. The couple had 6 children, all in Sale, Victoria:

01. Fanny Jessie (b. 24 Mar 1862 in Launceston, d. 1938)

02. James Arthur (b. 1863, d. 10 Dec 1932 in Maffra, Victoria)

03. Sarah (b. 1865, d. 1937)

04. Charlotte (b. 1866, d. 1943)

05. Annie (b. 1868, d. 1896 in Maffra, Victoria)

06.  Kate (b. 1873, d. 1958 in Queensland)

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