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Our link to the Hack family is with Clarissa Mary Hack, Christine’s great-great.grandmother, who married John Brity North. Clarissa’s parents were Paul Hack (Huguenot refugees) who settled in London.) and Susannah Mander. Several family researchers have traced the family back several generations.

Susan Bachellier’s family has been traced back even further. In what follows these families are identified as Generation 4 (Susanna Bachellier), …, Generation 1:

Note that in what follows there are two different dates for some events, due to when the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian calendar. This occurred in 1582 in catholic and orthodox countries, but not until 1752 in England, Wales and Ireland (see Old Style and New Style dates). An example is given below for a family tree published in England in 1822 by Paul and Francis Hack; they use au(x) vieux Stile for old style and au Sile nauvau for new style. The tree also has examples of double dates (where two consecutive years are used either because of differences in the starting date of the year or because both Julian and Gregorian dates are shown: the first year was the year in the Julian calendar in use in that locality, and the second was the year that it would have been if they had changed the year number on January 1 – see Converting between Julian and Gregorian Calendar in One Step).

Generation 1: Nicholas Bachellier & Marie Rossignol

Nicholas Bachellier was born sometime around 1645 in Villeparisis, Seine-et-Marne, France, about 40km north-east of Paris; Marie Rossignol was born there about 5 years later. They married in Villeparisis in about 1673 and had 6 children in the Paris, Villeparisis, Île-de-France, Seine-et-Marne and Meaux region of France:

01. Daniel (b. 01 Nov 1672 in Nanteuil-lès-Meaux, some 24km east of Villeparisis)

02. Jean (b. 10 Jul 1674 in Villeparisis, Seine-et-Marne)

03. Nicholas (b. 10 Jul 1674 in Île-de-France, d. 1739) married Magdelaine Deshayes (b. Abt. 1860, d. 7 apr 1743) in London on 14 Jan 1697. They had 4 children in Spitalfields: Suzanne (b. 1698), Nicolas (b. 1701, d. 18 jun 1703), Nicolas (b. 10 jun 1703), Mary (b. Abt. 1704).

04. Marie Magdalene (b. 1679 in Villeparisis, Seine-et-Marne) married Abraham Pautier on August 31, 1701, in Spitalfields, London.

05. Judith (b. 1683 in Meaux , about 20km east of Villeparisis, d. 1762 in England) married Antoine Deverdun/Deverdain (1684-1762) on 01 Oct 1704 in Middlesex, England; they had 8 children.

06. Paul (b. 1680, d. 1752).

From 1681 protestants in France were forced to convert to Catholicism and this forced many to find safe refuge in London, mainly between Spitalfields in the east and Soho in the west. It is probable that Nicholas and Marie settled in London prior to 1694; the name Nicholas Batcheler appears in the London, England, Freedom of the City Admission Papers, 1681-1925 when, on 07 Oct 1694 when one Joseph Blackwell signed on as an apprentice to him to learn the art of a cooper. Of course this could be a completely different person as a Nicholas Batcheler appears several times in English records of the time.

A Nicholas Bachellier was buried on 01 Apr 1738 in Christ Church, Spitalfields, Middlesex, England, but whether father or son is uncertain.

Generation 1: Antoine Saumon & Marie Godran

Aintoine Saumon was born in Canterbury, Kent in about 1645. From the England & Wales, Non-Conformist and Non-Parochial Registers, 1567-1970, Piece 4598: Walloon Church, Canterbury (Walloon and French Protestant), 1644-1704 we have Aintoine Saumon marrying Marie Godron on 14 Oct 1666. Antoine’s father is stated to be Adrien Saumon (1620-1681), Marie’s father being Jean Godron.

The couple had 5 children, all born in Canterbury, Kent: Marie (b. 1668), Abraham (b. 1670), Isaac (b.27 Jul 1672), Jean (b. 1677) and Esther (b. 08 Apr 1682, d. 1752 in London).

Generation 1: Jean Finet & Jeanne Fejat (or Sejat)

Jean Finet was born in France in 1660. He married Jeanne Fejat on 25 Jan 1752 in Avermes, Auvergne, France. Jeanne was born in 1665 in Île-de-France, her parents being François Fejat and Marie Saunier. It is unclear from the records whether the surname was Fejat or Sejat. They had two children, both born in Amiens, Picardie, France: Pierre (b. 1690) and Anne (b. 1692).

Generation 2: Paul Bachellier & Esther Saumon

Paul Bachellier, the youngest of Nicholas Bachellier & Marie Rossignol’s 6 children, was born in 1680 in Villeparisis, Île-de-France, France. Ester Saumon was the youngest of Antoine Saumon & Marie Godran’s 5 children. Paul and Esther married on 25 Apr 1706 in French Church, London, and had 3 children:

01. Paul (b. 1709, d. 1710)

02. Paul (b. 19 Nov 1711, d. 1762) see below

03. Marie (b. 1713, d. ?) baptised 10 May 1713

Not much is known of their lives in London, although he was possibly a weaver. Paul Bachellier appears as a juror on 16 Oct 1718 in the Middlesex Sessions. Esther passed away in 1724, then on 17 June 1725 Paul married Marie Anne Gaucheron (b. 03 Aug 1707 in London), the daughter of Pierre and Anne Marie Gaucheron. They had 9 children:

04. Pierre (b. 21 Aug 1721 in East London, d. 11 Feb 1795 in the French Protestant Hospital, St Lukes, Finsbury, London)

05. Esther (b. 05 Aug 1726 in Stepney, London, d. 1730)

06. Susanna (b. 26 July 1727 in London, d. 26 Jul 1727 in Stepney, London)

07. Anne (b. 28 Mar 1729 in Stepney, London, d. ?)

08. Esther (b. 02 May 1731 in Stepney, London, d. Oct 1762 in Islington, London, and buried on 03 Oct 1762 in St Luke, Finsbury, London)

09. Judith (b. 23 Feb 1733 in Spitalfields, London, d. 17 Jan 1734 and buried at St Dunstan & All Saints, Bethnal Green)

10. Peter (b. 17 Aug 1734 in Stepney, London, 17 Aug 1819 in Bethnal Green, London). He married Mary Ann Le Duc on 18 Feb 1760 in St Matthews, Bethnal Green, London, England; they had 6 children (Peter, Mary Ann, Samuel, William, Ann and Samuel).

11. Efaye (b. 23 Aug 1740 in Stepney, London, d. ?)

12. Samuel (b. 06 Jul 1743 in Stepney, London, d. 10 April 1836 and burried in St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green)

Generation 2: Pierre Finet & Marie Magdelein Vasseur

Pierre Finet was born in Amiens, Picardie, France, in 1690. He married Marie Madelaine Finet in the Artillery Church, Spitalfields, London, on 04 Jul 1719 (on a Saturday, so this is a Julian date). From the Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths:

Marie’s birthplace was Bonneville, about 25km north of Amiens. The couple had two children:

01. Marie Madelaine (b. 26 Jun 1720 in London, d. 1762 and buried in St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green)

02. Isaac (b. 02 Dec 1722 in Spitalfields, London, d. ?)

Generation 3: Paul Bachellier & Marie Madelaine Finet

Paul Bachellier was the middle of three children of Paul Bachellier & Esther Saumon. He was born on 19 Nov 1711 in Spitalfields, London and married Marie Madelaine Finet on 29 May 1742. They had nine children, all in Spitalfields, before Marie passed away in 1762:

01. Anne (b. 15 Feb 1742, d. ?)

02. Marie (b. 20 Feb 1743, d. Jun 1768)

03. Ester (b. 13 Oct 1745, d. Jun 1774)

04. Paul (b. 20 Jul 1747, d. ?)

05. Susanna (b. 08 Dec 1749, d. 13 Mar 1812)

06. Marie Madelaine (b. 15 Feb 1752, d. ?)

07. Elizabeth (b. 06 Oct 1754, d. ?)

08. Pierre (b. 30 Oct 1757, d. 17 May 1828)

09. Judith (b. 22 Dec 1760, d. 22 Dec 1760)

Generation 4: John Hall Mander & Susanna Bellamy

John Hall Mander was born Abt 1764 and married Susanna Bellamy on 03 Jun 1787 in St Botolph’s Church, Aldgate, England. We know little about these two families. Susanna was buried in london on 27 Dec 1829, John having pre-decesased her by some 12 years. The couple had 7 chilkdren:

01. Jonathon (b. & d. 1790)

02. Elizabeth (b. 1791, d. ?) married Josiah Smith on 11 Aug 1816 in St Anne, Limehouse, England; they had at least one child, Alfred Mander Chapman Smith.

03.  Susanna (b. Jul 1794, d. Apr 1849 in Lewisham, London)

04. John George (b. 10 Dec 1798, d. 01 May 1876 in Middlesex, England)

05. Jane Hall (b. 21 Feb 1802, d. 1873 in Sydney)

Jane Hall Mander was baptised on 21 Mar 1802 in St Botolph Without Aldgate, London, England. Jane married David Jones on 07 Feb 1828 at St Andrew Holborn, London and they had 4 sons and 4 daughters. She was David Jones’ third wife. His first wife was Catherine Hughes; she died in 1814, aged 19 and within a year of their marriage. His second wife was Elizabeth Williams, born about 1796. They married on 10 Sep 1822, but she passed away in 1826 at the age of 30. David and Susannah moved to Sydney, Australia, and he became a successful merchant; his department stores are still in operation today. G. P. Walsh’s biography of David Jones (1793–1873) mentions (some of) their children:

The eldest son David Mander (d. 1864) married a cousin, Emily Ann Jones, and he with his brother George took up the 300-sq.-mile (777 km²) property, Boonara, on the Darling Downs. The second son, Philip Sydney (1836-1918), achieved eminence as a physician and was knighted. The youngest son, Edward Lloyd (1844-1894), married Helen Ann, daughter of Richard Jones and succeeded his father in the business. In September 1848 the eldest daughter, Eliza, married Robert, son of Dr Robert Ross.

Generation 4: Jacob Hack & Susanna Bachellier

05. Susanna Bachellier married Jacob Hack on 12 Feb 1770 in Bethnall Green. Jacob was born on 09 Jul 1747, his parents being Jacob (who was a weaver) and Mary Jane Heck. He was the only suviving child. As the family tree shows, two younger children both died in infancy: John (b. 23 Feb 1744/5, d. 06 Feb 1746/7 aged 23 months) and Elizabeth (b. 23 Mar 1745/6, d. 13 Apr 1746 aged 3 weeks). In 1779 his occupation was said to be a porkman. Two of their children, James and Francis, became printers, their shop being on the corner of Cullum St & Fenchurst St, London. In 1822 they published a family tree. Three of Paul Hack’s own children were born after publication and were subsequently handwritten in. Notice the comment that their surname had been changed from Heck by someone unknown at the time the tree was printed. Jacob’s christening record on 24 Jul 1747 at St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green, has his surname as Heck.

Right-click here (or Mac equivalent) to download a high resolution copy (2.8MB) of the printed tree.

Generation 5: Paul Hack & Susanna Mander

Paul Hack with the youngest of the eight children of Jacob Hack & Susanna Bachellier, born on 29 Mar 1784 in London. He signed on as an apprentice printer on 04 Mar 1800 (almost aged 16):

Paul Hack married Susanna Mander in St Anne’s, Limehouse on 25 Oct 1818. In the 1841 census Paul was descibed as a printer, aged 57, and Susanna(h) a schoolmistress, aged 47. Their two daughters were living with them:

Paul & Susanna had 4 children:

01. Susannah (b. 17 Feb 1821, d. ?) christened in St Dionis Backchurch, London, England

02. William (b. 16 Apr 1823, burried on 04 Sep 1834 in St George in the East, Tower Hamlets) died aged 11

03. Eliza Jane (b. 16 Oct 1825, burried on 21 Jun 1831 in St George in the East, Tower Hamlets) died aged 5

04. Clarissa Mary (b. 03 Jun 1832, d. 21 Oct 1906 at Chatswood, Sydney, Australia)

Susanna died in Apr 1849 and Paul on 29 Mar 1784.

Generation 6

01. Susannah Hack married Alexander John Weynton on 11 Jul 1849 in St Luke’s Church, Kent; Susannah’s sister Clarissa and father Paul were the two witnesses:

Alexander was born on 10 May 1818 in Kingston, Jamaica. He became an apprentice mariner on board the convict ship the Mangles on its 6th journey to Australia in 1833; he succumbed to the tropical sun en route and was sent ashore at Port Phillip Bay (Melbourne, Australia) but soon recovered. Coincidentally the Mangles was the ship that brought William O’Neill from Co Kerry in Ireland to Sydney in 1822, the 2nd of its journeys to Australia. (William’s descendant, Mick O’Neill is the author of this website and is married to Christine Wheeler, Clarissa Hack’s descendant.) From the medical report:

Alexander became a master mariner and was master of the Cowlitz from 1846 to 1852, but in 1850 he was involved in his ship being grounded on several occasions while being towed to sea from Port Victoria on Vancouver Island. Evidentally he received an unsatisfactory report and decided to settle in New South Wales. From the Hudson Bay Company (HBC) archives – see also the Fort Victoria Journal:

Susannah Weynton and Captain Alexander Weynton left for New South Wales on board the Mary Ann, accompanied by Susannah’s sister Clarissa, arriving in Sydney on 09 Jul 1852 as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald:


July 9. – Mary Ann, barque, 479 tons, Captain William Darke, from Plymouth 16th March, and Teneriff 4th April. Passengers – Dr. and Mrs. Woolley, five children, and two female servants; Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Darke, Mr. and Mrs. Carden and servant, Captain and Mrs. Weynton and child, Miss Hack, …

The child mentioned was born at sea. The Miss Hack mentioned was Susannah’s sister Clarrisa, who was just about 20 years old. Her birth date (03 Jun 1832) is recorded in the England & Wales, Non-Conformist and Non-Parochial Registers, 1567-1970; RG5: Birth Certificates, Protestant Dissenters´ Birth Registry, 1824-1837; Piece 0150: Certificate nos: 13001-13500, Vol 26 (1837 July 15-25):

Alexander continued in Australia as master mariner and died on 08 Aug 1862 in Wilton Cottage, Strawberry Hills (an inner city locality of Sydney) aged just 43. From The Sydney Morning Herald on 09 Aug 1862:

On the 8th instant, at his residence, Wilton Cottage, Strawberry Hills, Captain A. J. Weynton, aged 43.

Susannah lived until she was 80, passing away on 29 may 1901 in Katoomba, about 125 km west of Sydney, having ran a guest house for some years.

Alexander and Susannah’s 5 children were:

01. Alexander James (b. 02 Apr 1851 at sea, d. 16 Apr 1902 at Williams, Western Australia)

02. Herbert Oswin (b. 1852 in Sydney, d. 27 Mar 1921 in Torquay, Devon, England)

03. Minnie Nutter (b. 25 Feb 1855, d. 19 Sep 1941 in Mosman, Sydney)

04. Grace (b. 20 Jun 1858, d. 03 Sep 1939 in Mosman, Sydney)

05. Mary (b. 1860, d. 1913)

01. Alexander James Weynton married Catherine Best (b. 1858 in Creswick, Victoria, d. 1922 in St Leonards, Sydney) in Sydney in 1876. The couple had 4 children.

02. Herbert Oswin Weynton married Florence Aitken (b. 04 Nov 1861 in Sydney, d.1906 in St Leonards) in Ashfield, Sydney, on 27 Dec 1883).

05. Mary  Weynton married James K Miller in Katoomba in 1901.

Clarissa Mary Hack married John Brity North in the Congregational Church, Pitt St, Sydney, on 13 Feb 1855. John was an entrepreneur who founded a coal mine in Katooma; he became known as the father of Katoomba as the township grew up around the mine. Their story can be read on the North Family page.

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